Day Two. Tweet Tweet.

March 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am decently connected in the social media world. I have a Facebook, Myspace, even Friendster (although I have ceased checking the last two), I use gmail, a reader, and bookmarks. But no Twitter…yet.

Feeling slightly hungover and generally tired, I needed something simple yet effective to accomplish on Day Two. Twitter fulfilled both requirements.

I set up an account (@laurajaynescott…original, I know) and wrote a couple tweets. Both were to Patrick. I used an @ and a hashtag! Although, I think I messed up on the whole hashtags-have-to-be one-word idea.

The more exciting part was deciding whom to follow. I started with selecting from people or groups my friends were following. Huffington Post, Norm MacDonald, other friends, etc. In retrospect, I may have gotten a bit overly click-happy. Now when I open my twitter, I only recognize about three-quarters of those I follow.  And Norm tweets too much.


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