Day Five. Cozy Tea.

March 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

On the fifth day of this journey I decided to knit a tea cozy. I needed one; the dish towel will often be pulled off the counter by a playful pup (who shall not be named). There was also the issue of how to dry a dish (like my mug) while the towel was otherwise occupied.

I used one of those “Knifty Knitter” helpers to aid me in my tea cozy aspirations. I selected a lovely green yard endorsed by Vanna White. Who knew that’s what she uses her down time from Wheel of Fortune to do?

So, never having actually knitted before, like with a couple of needles, I figured the process of making a cozy would take about an hour or so. The whole thing involved the repetitive motion of twirling the yarn around a peg, all around a circle, twice, then looping the first twist of yarn over the second. The repeat. And again.

A podcast of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” and two of “This American Life” later, it looked as though I had enough “fabric” to properly cover my (tea)pot. I threaded a bit of yarn through all the loops on the round loom and tied them off.

The whole thing ended up looking like a knit hat to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, which isn’t actually a bad idea.

So Mom, remember how you said you’d make me a tea cozy? No need, this self-sufficient 29 year-old did it all on her own. And it doubles as a hat, so there!


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