Day Seven. Blogging for Dummies.

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Seven, I published some blogs. You may even see them below, if I haven’t accidentally erased or reformatted everything.

I had been writing and messing around with formatting over the days leading to day seven. Do I want my pictures to be the width of the blog, or more magazine style? Or do I just want a slide show at the bottom? How many photos should I include? What if I have no images, and how many words should each post be? Should my layout be simple or colorful? What image do I use for the header? What are widgets and what are they for?

What if I suck at writing?

The last question is probably the toughest, and I was (am) reluctant to even publicize that I am blogging about tea cozies and wimpy running. I want to do this, but doing so publicly would sure as hell make it a lot tougher to give up half way through.

I waited to publish to try to figure out how this all works. This being blogging. I’m pretty sure I had a Live Journal at some point, although it was probably rarely if ever used. That was a cakewalk compared to the high tech integrated online writing of today. I had to learn the definitions of dashboard, widget, and even categories and tags. What do I tag? I’ve chosen to tag anything that comes to mind after writing a blog. Anything. It will be exciting to see what tags are all big and bold in the side bar (Patrick, Murphy), and what will be itty bitty (Mount Arabia) at the end of a year.

And now, I’ve gotten through a week, and while nothing I’ve done has been incredibly adventurous, I do feel like I’ve had a specific goal and achieved something. Living. Plus, I bought the Living Social deal for skydiving, so adventure lurks somewhere in the next three hundred something days.


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