Day Nine. Green Beer.

March 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

Day Nine was St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve never been a big celebrator of this holiday, so figured I could make my task St. Paddy related. I would drink green beer.

The only problem with this was finding a bar that actually served green beer. I knew I could go to one of the few Irish pubs around, but being smushed in with a bunch of Guinness-swilling drunks didn’t sound very appealing. I had planned to meet my friends Erin (who has a very Irish name) and Tyler for a drink. We decided on the Midway in East Atlanta. Not knowing if they would have food coloring for their booze, I brought my own. Better safe than sorry?

Turns out, they did not dye their beer. As the waitress explained, the Midway is a very organic eco-conscious bar, and the organic green food coloring is very expensive. Whatever; that’s why I brought my own. I didn’t know how many drops of the coloring to add to the Ommegang Hennepin (chosen for its lighter color so we could see the green). I’m pretty sure I overestimated because not only was the liquid a very dark forest green, but it also tasted a little chemically. Oh, if only my food dye was organic!

Green Tongue

So yes, the beer did stain my tongue. And after drinking about 3/4 of it I changed my order to a Guinness. It was much more fitting to the holiday, and better tasting. I also brought my tea cozy/hat from day five in case Erin and Tyler opted out of the green attire. I even got Patrick to pose for a picture. Sort of.


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