Day Twelve. Poaching.

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whenever I visit my parents in Charlotte, my mom usually makes Eggs Benedict one morning. I love the combination of an english muffin, crisp canadian bacon, a perfectly cooked egg with a bright runny yolk, and the lemony spice of hollandaise sauce. So on Day Twelve, I decided to make them myself, the challenge being to poach an egg (or four).

Following tips and recipes I had found online, I added a teaspoon of vinegar to the simmering water. I didn’t have white vinegar, so used white wine vinegar. It seemed to work just as well. The eggs looked like little jellyfish floating in the pot of water. I was a bit transfixed for the few minutes it took to cook them.

I used hollandaise sauce from a mix; it’s what my mom does and with the fear of messing up the eggs on my mind, I wanted to limit the margin of error. I was excited about adding paprika on top too. There aren’t a ton of dishes I cook that use the spice. Actually, it only ever goes on deviled eggs in our house.

The whole dish turned out fairly well. I think I overcooked the eggs, but the yolks were still slightly runny. My mom has a special pot to poach eggs in, but I doubt this will be a breakfast staple to warrant the purchase, even in pursuit of prettily formed eggs. Someone suggested I use a tuna can. I’ve never used a tuna can to poach an egg…could be an idea for the next brunch.


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