Day Fourteen. Asymmetry.

March 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

I read an article last week about Julian Wolkenstein and a 2010 project of his exploring symmetry in faces. It got me wondering about the symmetry in my own image. On day fourteen, I decided to find out.

I took as straight a picture as I could with a webcam and then split it in half down the middle. I then mirrored each side to show how each half of my face would look whole were it totally in perfect symmetry.

Left Side Mirrored, Normal, Right Side Mirrored

I look like an alien in one and a chubbier version of me in the other. So I did it again straight faced.

Left Side Mirrored, Normal, Right Side Mirrored

Same reaction. It’s just so strange to realize how unsymmetrical your face really is. I kind of understand why Barbra Streisand is only photographed from one side, and I think my version of that side may be my left, the youthful alien one.

Wolkenstein mentions that one of the interesting finds in the symmetry exercise is to compare it to the brain hemispheres. He suggests that the leaner side of your face correlates to the more worked side of your brain. I suppose that would mean I was more left-brained.

If I pursued more creative activities on a daily basis, would my facial symmetry change? That would be interesting.

And apparently, as I discovered after I had done some photoshopping, Wolkenstein has a website/application that does the mirroring for you. I bet that would have been much easier.


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