Day Seventeen. Bathroom Graffiti.

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

In my early twenties, I lived in Cabbagetown for a couple years. 97 Estoria was our neighborhood bar.  In fact, the second half of my stint in the community I lived right next door to the bar, on the other side of the fence, before there was a fence. In the later years of being a twenty-something I have frequented the bar less and less. However, on Day Seventeen my friend Liz was coming to town from the suburbs for the evening and suggested we go hang out and see a friend who was working that night.

I was going to let Liz decide what new activity I should attempt. I suggested writing on the bathroom wall of the bar and she jumped on it, especially since she so handily carries a sharpie in her purse. So on Day Seventeen, I added art to the wall in the ladies’ toilet at 97 Estoria.

Trying to decide how I should mark my territory was a difficult decision. I thought about the uncreative “Laura was here,” or “LS + LB = BFF,” or even just writing a quote I admired. I didn’t fully decide until I shut myself in and pulled out the marker. I found a blank space by the toilet paper holder, and emboldened by half a pitcher of Coors Light, I started to write. I wrote a tagline to this blog. It seemed appropriate. And then I decorated around the words with some 8 year-old girly swirls.

New task accomplished, I returned to Liz and the patio where we had an impromptu photo session featuring some red lipstick and continued making up for months of not seeing each other by talking nonstop. I can’t wait until our next lady date. Next time, I’ll go to the burbs and tag her bathroom.


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