Day Eighteen. Bloody Mary.

March 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day Eighteen, I planned to go to the Vegan Bake Sale at Criminal Records benefiting the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Unfortunately by the time Patrick and I left the house and sat through crazy traffic in Little Five Points, no vegan delights remained. We browsed Criminal’s assortment of records and CDs, asking around to see where we could find a good Bloody Mary in the neighborhood, my new activity for the day.

Shannon said that The Highland Tap has the best in town, that The EARL’s are decent too, but for a Saturday afternoon in Little Five Points, Corner Tavern would be our best bet. So we headed to Corner Tavern.

I ordered my Bloody Mary drink and Patrick, a Guinness. I quickly discovered that I don’t particularly like Bloody Marys. Something about the tomato juice flavor with a tanginess and spiciness rubbed me the wrong way. I made many faces, but I finished the 16 ounces of nastiness like a trooper. About halfway through Patrick suggested (between snickers at my expressions) that we add some Guinness to the concoction. I was slightly reluctant; it would give me more liquid to consume. It actually cut the tart, spicy flavors that irked my palate.

I chugged the remaining tomato drink. Although it did seem to alleviate the last bit of a hangover I had from my late night with Liz the previous evening, I couldn’t seem to get the unappealing taste out of my mouth. Patrick graciously shared the rest of his stout with me.

Since trying the BM, some have said that I simply didn’t like the Corner Tavern’s version, that other bars served better ones. Perhaps they are right, but I don’t see what anyone could do differently to eliminate the tastes that I didn’t enjoy in the drink. I mean, it was the tomato juice and spices, and those are main components of any Bloody Mary.

We did end up getting some vegan treats. We stopped by Kristin’s on the way home to make a donation to the cause and she was awesome enough to let us choose from a selection she had leftover. The vegan butterfinger was kind of awesome.


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