Day Nineteen. Breathing Right.

April 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Despite the rain washing away all the pollen from surfaces across the city, I woke up on Day Nineteen with either the beginnings of a cold or some serious allergies. I worked, played kickball on the wet grass, and then went home to rest.

On my way home I stopped by the drugstore to re-up on my Allegra and pick up a pack of those nasal strips that open your air passages if you’re a snorer. I saw the commercial claiming they also help with stuffy noses, so for Day Nineteen, I wore a Breathe Right nasal strip.

I applied one of the strips when I got home and tested it out while I lay on the couch watching Murder, She Wrote. The sensation of having a piece of plastic across the bridge of my nose propping open my nostrils was quite bizarre. But it kind of worked. I could actually breathe again without keeping my mouth open.

Patrick had been feeling pretty stuffy as well, so when he got home I reapplied my own nose strip and laid one across his nose as well. I imagined that we resembled the peacefully sleeping couple on the front of the box.

We slept well through the night and the strips seemed to work their magic. I didn’t wake up with drool down my chin from my mouth being agape all night and Patrick, who is a heavy snorer, never once woke me up with his heavy breathing.

Between the Murder, She Wrote and nasal strips I spent the day in old lady mode, but this old lady actually woke up in a better mood than the stuffy lady I had been the day before. Those strips actually work.


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