Day Twenty. Up Mine.

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sure drivers have flipped me off before, but Day Twenty was the first time I actually saw it. And it kind of made my day.

I still don’t really know what action I took to deserve such an aggressive display of anger. I was turning left out of a parking lot into the left turn lane. There were no cars in either direction, so the coast was clear. After I merged into traffic, I looked over to see an older gentleman in a silver Infiniti, his face furrowed in pure anger, his big old middle finger thrusting upwards into the air at me.

Why was he so pissed off?? He had turned right out of the lot across from me, into the right lane, and immediately turning right at the light! He even had his indicator on and there was another lane of traffic between us!

I was confused. (not angry). And then I laughed. Whether or not I deserved it (yeah, right!), his reaction made me crack up. I don’t know if I can adequately describe the pure fury on his face, so I had Patrick interpret the story for your enjoyment:

I’m no saint; I have given many of my fellow drivers on the road the bird. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but when someone blatantly breaks the law and endangers my life (or at least causes me to brake unnecessarily) my road rage flares and I flip them off. I usually try to do it subtly, like behind my steering wheel or in my lap, but occasionally I’m in such a mood that my hand motion is much more visible.

For now, I will have the image of Angry Man’s reaction etched into my mind to keep any road irritability I feel towards others subdued.


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