Day Twenty-Five. Locks of Love.

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

In the past few years, I’ve only gotten about six hair cuts total, and usually when my tresses get too long to brush in one fell swoop. Long hair is a pain. It may look nice, but beaches, wind, and static electricity are unkind foes.

So ready for a change, and actually having enough hair for once to do it, on Day Twenty-Five I chopped off my hair to donate to Locks of Love.

I had an appointment with my friend Melanie at Helmet in Midtown. Once again I was heading downtown after getting off work, and once again a miscalculation at the lack of traffic caused me to be unbelievably early.  I sat in the waiting area and got my trashy US magazine fix while I waited for my appointment. I found a couple of cute bobs in a hair quarterly that I could show to Melanie.

When I sat in the chair and told her what I wanted, she looked at me a bit incredulously, and then commented that at least I wasn’t nervous. Why would I be? I had been wanting to donate to LOL for awhile. Not being attached to my hair, I had no qualms. The whole chopping process was quite quick. Melanie pulled my hair back into a low ponytail, braided it and affixed an additional band at the end. Then she pulled out her big pair of shears and sawed through at the base of my neck. It took a few chops. I likened it to scissoring through a thick stack of paper. After that it was just like any other haircut.

I loved the cut and final style. My head felt about thirty times lighter, and I willed the wind to blow my strands around my face. They were too short to cause any major beehive-like damage. In the end, I took the fourteen inch braid of my hair home with me. I kind of wanted the whole experience of mailing the package off myself, and also to try to take some pictures of it in the comfort of my own abode. Because really, taking pictures of a sawed off braid in public is kind of weird.

Ultimately, I only noticed the difference in hair quantity when I’m washing, brushing, or styling it. Using a straightening iron is the most difficult part. Grabbing a chunk of ear lobe while trying to grab a piece of hair about the same length is way more likely now. I also don’t shed nearly as much. Mostly, I like that the hair is going to a good cause.


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