Day Twenty-Seven. Taxing.

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The past couple of years I have gone to a place in  the Edgewood shopping center to have my taxes done. Before that, my dad would always plug the numbers into his Turbo Tax software and do them for me. This year, like the previous two, I had made a tax appointment. Not anything new, but a pre-April 18th necessity.  The morning of my appointment, Patrick and I looked at last year’s returns and realized that they had only given me the standard deductions. What then, had been the point of paying two hundred bucks to have some woman sit across from me and plug in all of my deductible expenses from the year, only to come up with the same deductions of everyone else got?? My money spent obviously did not entitle me to more refund.

So I canceled the appointment and on Day Twenty-Seven, for the first time, I did my own taxes.

When I say I did my own taxes, I mean that I used the online Turbo Tax software to plug in all the numbers. It took about an hour. It wasn’t difficult; I liked all of the yes or no questions and the explanations of possible additional deductions.

I probably could have gone to the library and physically filled out all of the forms by hand and it wouldn’t have cost me anything (except for time and a hand cramp), but I like technology, the instant feedback, and double checks. So it was worth it I guess.

Plus, I got more money back from the year before, which is good because doing something new every day can get kind of pricey.


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