Day Twenty-Six. TV Stand Up.

April 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day Twenty-Six was pretty busy, filled with activities I had done multiple times. Work. Kickball game. Drinks after the kickball game. While there was plenty of discussion of new things I could do (“Have you ever been punched in the face? Taken a shot of mustard?”), I wasn’t really feeling any of them at the time. Hanging out on a patio on a Sunday afternoon was pretty sweet, so I decided to find something to do when I got home.

I mentioned that I had never seen a TV comedy special, a televised stand up routine. One of my team mates said that there was a really good Louis CK one on HBO on demand (which we had!), so I was set. I was excited. While I had never seen his TV show or any of his stand up specials (duh), I had listened to his interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air that had gotten the show banned in Mississippi. TV comedy it was.

Unfortunately, HBO on demand did not carry a Louis CK stand up program that evening, but Netflix had an older special of his available on their instant streaming. Louis CK: Chewed Up. I was set to go.

So I watched it, and laughed. I jotted down parts that I found funny, but really, I can’t do them justice in retelling. So go watch it yourself.


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