Day Twenty-Eight. Spray Shirt.

April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always wanted to wear a snazzy home made tee to a sporting event, as if it would visually represent both my support of a team and my craftiness. So on Day Twenty-Eight, I painted a t-shirt to wear to the Braves 2011 home opener.

I had stored up a few foam tomahawks we had gotten for attending the last regular season home stand. I had thought about using them for some sort of craft project. Maybe in the back of my mind I imagined Patrick and I attending a game in matching crafted tees like a couple of dorks. Actually, I think the whole manually keeping score probably has us covered on the nerd front.

Originally I planned to print a couple of crossing tomahawk silhouettes across the front of the shirt. I quickly altered my plan when I realized that the size of the foam hatchets would probably cause them to lay right across my bosom, one on each boob. Instead I opted for the bottom/side positioning so as not to draw attention to my chest. And instead of stamping the paint on the shirt, I ended up creating a stencil of the outline and spray painting the positive space onto a t-shirt. It was much faster and less messy.

I decided to keep the design simple, just a couple of tomahawks, doing a chop. I did pimp it out with some t-shirt puff paint though. Don’t ask why I had it. Some sort of craft store impulse buy that made me nostalgic for the “#1 Dad sweatshirt” I had made twenty years ago.

So trying not to inhale too many harmful toxins, I brought the tee inside to dry (where there is no pollen), and got pumped about baseball season.


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