Day Thirty-Five. Woot.

April 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I don’t know what new activity I am going to do every day. Some days, I plan ahead, but for the most part I have a back up list of ideas and suggestions and friends who will add to it at any time. Sometimes, a randomly great thing comes along. On Day Thirty-Five I had actually planned a new experience. A Zumba class. Alas, still waging a fight in the last battles of a cold, I decided that burning a purported 800 calories an hour wasn’t the best idea for my weakened immune system.

I had first heard of woot! from a coworker of mine, and throughout the last couple of years had randomly checked the site to see if they were featuring a daily deal I might be interested in. I had heard of some really cool specials, and with the couponing bug in my system, I was all about saving money. Well, on Day Thirty-Five, I found my item. A Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter! A pack of two! I could grow something and eat it!

I’ve always fancied myself as having a green thumb, despite growing evidence to the contrary. My parents have a flourishing garden, so it must not be hereditary. Last year I started my own herb garden from seed. I was thrilled when the little buds popped out of the soil starter kit. No more pricey fresh basil and rosemary. Between the time I took the babies from under their protective plastic greenhouse to mature outdoors and before I could move them to their own individual pots they had all withered. Pouring rains and blistering suns didn’t help. I also planted wildflower seeds in the front yard. But they never bloomed either.

So I am mostly super excited about the possibility of growing upside down tomatoes. I fully plan on nourishing this backwards garden and cannot wait to eat the fruit of my labor.

Because, with three hundred sixty-five new things to do this year, eating something I’ve grown would be pretty amazing.


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