Day Thirty-Eight. Dear Governor.

April 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I got political on Day Thirty-Eight. With the strict immigration law having passed the Georgia state legislature the day before, I let my voice be heard. I signed an online petition, retweeted a post from the lovely human rights activist Aimee Castenell, and then, for the first time, I called the governor’s office to protest such a backwards measure. I ended up on an answering service and at the end of my rambling message I was actually cut off.

Governor Nathan Deal campaigned last year with a promise of implementing an Arizona-style immigration law in our fair southern state, a law that allows those suspected of being illegal immigrants to be forced to provide papers on immigration status. It just seems a bit harsh for a nation that is comprised of mostly immigrants in some form or another to pass such a racist law.

My parents visited our family in England last year, and on return to the States my mother (who is not a US citizen) was held up in customs for awhile. She would probably not be stopped or questioned during any routine police traffic stop, being white and all, but the customs agent did let her know that she should think about updating her resident alien card or even become a citizen. She has lived here most of her life. Although the photo on her immigration card is thirty plus years old and the license itself is pretty outdated, the brains working behind the counter at airports may not be able to recognize genuine legal documents.

It’s quite scary to think that will laws passed like those in Arizona and possibly here in Georgia people can be questioned on their citizenship status. I don’t personally think that we have this huge illegal immigration problem as is painted by some lawmakers. I think anyone traveling in the US should be treated fairly, allowed basic rights, and that fear of immigrants, illegal or not, is unjustified.

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