Day Thirty-Seven. Frappuccino.

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I stopped by CVS on my way into work on Day Thirty-Seven to pick up some Mucinex for a persistent cough that was still plaguing me. On the way to the checkout, I passed by a friend of mine from years ago. “Lance?” I asked after I had zoomed by. He looked up and exclaimed, “Laura Scott!” We caught up for a minute and headed to the checkout. On the way I went to pick up a bottled beverage and he extolled the virtues of a Starbucks Frappuccino, something I had never tried.

Me: “What flavor should I get?”

Lance: “I always get the regular coffee one.”

Me: “Is it sweet?”

Lance: “Ridiculously Sweet!”

Me: “Should I get the regular or large?”

Lance: “Oh get the large! It might upset your stomach, but it tastes really good going down.”

So on Day Thirty-Seven, I drank a large coffee flavored Frappuccino.

It was sweet and thick, and reminded me sort of of Bailey’s without the booze. A liquid milkshake. People walking by seeing my beige beverage all seemed to profess an enjoyment of the frappuccino. “So fatty, but so good.” I found it alright if you were in the mood for non-alcoholic Bailey’s, but over all thought it was way to sweet. About halfway through I started to reconsider my decision to purchase a large. 340 calories with 5 grams of fat. In a beverage. I could certainly see why for most people, the frappuccino is an uncommon indulgence.


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