Day Sixty-Three. Model with Braves Greats.

May 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day Sixty-Three, I went to a(nother) Atlanta Braves game with a big group of people. I was planning on trying a Tomarita (the Braves version of a Margarita), but since I had tried my first of the frozen beverages only a few days earlier, I opted for another new activity. My new activity for Day Sixty-Three was to have my picture taken with all of the bronze statues of past Braves Greats sprinkled around the courtyard in front of the ticketing window.

My friend Laura took pictures as I tried to imitate the positioning of each player.

Warren Spahn

Phil Niekro

Hank Aaron

Once again, the Braves lost, but the company was pretty awesome.


Day Sixty-Two. Yard Power Tool.

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Patrick really wanted me to help him with yard work on Day Sixty-Two. I volunteered to mow the lawn, but he had other ideas for me involving power tools. For the first time, I used an edger.

It took a few attempts and scrutinizing the directions along the side of the tool before I managed to get it started. It was pretty powerful. My hands were madly vibrating against the plastic coating and the grass and weeds I trimmed flew back against my legs. I had flashing visions of severing my foot from my leg by a wayward twig. So halfway through I went inside to give my hand muscles a rest and change into some pants to protect my easily bruised shins.

I came back out and worked along the fence a little more…until the plastic twine that rotates around the machine got cut off. Patrick knew how to change it, but we didn’t want to touch the hot metal until it had properly cooled down. So I ended my edger experience for the day in the thought that I would revisit the activity later.

I haven’t yet.

Day Sixty-One. Frozen (Peach) Margarita

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After our kickball game on Day Sixty-One, we headed to Young Augustine’s for some post Spring season libations. Despite spotty service, the food and drinks at this bar are actually quite tasty.  As a bonus, teammate Ben said that they had a new frozen margarita machine. Frozen margarita? Holy hell, I’d never had one of those before! So on Day Sixty-One, for the first time, I drank a frozen margarita. A peach one at that.

Sweaty Post-Kickball Drink.

It was pretty tasty, albeit quite sweet and tart. Certainly refreshing after a hour long kickball match. And it went well with my Pimp-Fil-A.

Laura has one

Crifasi's Gay Summer Beverage

Day Sixty. Free Comic Book Day.

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On Day Sixty, I went to Titan Games and Comics in Duluth for Free Comic Book Day. I’ve never really been in a comic book store, and I didn’t know what to expect. The only comics I had read were the funnies in the Sunday paper, the Bunty annuals my grandmother would send me from England, and part of Watchmen which I had received from my job doing film promotions and publicity for Warner Bros.

Actually, I really liked all of the above reading, the Buntys especially. When I was a young pre-teen I found some of my Aunt Sal’s old annuals under the bed at my grandparents’ house. They were all from the seventies and had great tips for the youth of England including, “Get out in the sun, ladies! Use that tanning oil…if you burn, it will fade into a tan. No one wants to see you pale!” or something similar. I don’t think skin cancer and wrinkles were perceived as  quite the threat they are today.

So after I left work that Saturday, I headed over to the comic book store prepared to purchase a graphic novel from a top ten list I had found online. I walked into the tiny store within a strip mall apprehensively. There were quite a few people in Free Comic Book Day shirts and a line of tables set up in the corner by the registers with some presumably famous men in the world of comics. I steered clear as I had no desire to let on how little I knew about this world. I searched through the alphabetized books for A History of Violence, my choice from the list. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to be in stock, and frankly, I felt too out of my element to ask an employee. Stupid, I know.  Everyone seemed uber nice and was having a grand time. They would probably loved to have helped, but in the crowded store the novelty of this world made me a bit self-conscious.

I passed by From Hell several times before picking it up as my choice. This was in part because I recognized the title and liked Jack the Ripper stories and part because someone had cropdusted the section of the store in which I was browsing. My friend Drennen and I had gone to see the Johnny Depp big screen version of the graphic novel many years ago, but I never saw the ending. The power went out half way through the film, and a snarly theater manager named Richard Sweat refused to give us back our money without our ticket stubs. I still chuckle at Drennen calling him Dick Sweat as we left Regal Hollywood 24.

Anyway, having chosen my book to buy, I went to the free comic book section and picked up a Green Lantern and Spiderman booklet. Then I made my purchase and headed out.

I really wish I had bothered to ask someone what their recommendations would have been. I’m sure I could have absorbed some new-found knowledge about this crazy genre of fans. Maybe next year…

Day Fifty-Nine. 2-Hour At Home Teeth Whitening.

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On Day Fifty-Nine I headed to the drugstore near my work in hopes of finding one of those ear wax candles to try out as a new activity. When I asked the pharmacist if they carried the item, he looked at me with a mild disbelief and claimed that no, they did not carry them, but that I could probably find ear wax candles (except he used the proper term for them, which now escapes me) on the internet. I thanked the man and wandered around to find some new sort of product to test out on myself. And then I happened upon the teeth whitening section. I compared prices and claims on each of the boxes; I had done those white strips once before, the ones you put on for half an hour a day for a couple weeks. I picked the two hour treatment. I could do two hours while I watched the remainder of my already tardy Redbox movie. So on Day Fifty-Nine I whitened my teeth with an at-home two hour treatment.

Did it work?

I didn’t think so either.

Day Fifty-Eight. Red Box.

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I subscribe to Netflix, both the 3 DVD at home mail delivery and the instant streaming via my computer or Wii. I love it. I’d like to say I am getting my money’s worth by the fast turnover of watching the discs at home and sometimes watching instant (like Louis CK comedy specials). However, on Day Fifty-Eight the two movies I had lying by the DVD player were Buried and 127 Hours, and I just didn’t feel like watching any claustrophobic television. So for my new activity, I rented a movie from Red Box. I rented Tron.

I had seen the person sized boxes around town, namely at the local Kroger, which usually has a pretty sizable line leading to the curb on any given evening, but especially on the weekends. I looked online to see if there was another one nearby and found out that, indeed, there was one at the CVS across the street from the busy grocery store. I could, in fact, reserve a title should I choose. I opted not to (way too planned), but did see that they had Tron in the box and decided to rent that Disney flick. (Full disclosure: I have never actually seen the original)

I drove the mile or so to the drugstore and hopped out, rented the movie, and was back home in five minutes. No wonder Blockbusters all across the nation are closing their doors. Not only was the process of renting a movie lacking lines and browsing in store, but I didn’t even have to wait for the disc to come in the mail. And I love Netflix, but with no mail on Sunday I have surely been left waiting until Monday for that next Gossip Girl (or insert better TV show/movie) disc to arrive.

So I arrived home, DVD in hand, and settled in to watch the flick. I actually didn’t end up finishing the film, deciding to go see an improv show with Dre halfway through. But still…I think I may just change my Netflix plan.

Day Fifty-Seven. Massaging a Puppet Goose.

May 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day Fifty-Seven was the second and final day of the Georgia Lottery shoot. It was looong. Like leaving the house at 6AM and returning seventeen hours later long. I’m sure I did many new things while working, but the one that sticks out the most is being a stand-in for the extras and massaging a muppet goose.

The puppets were from the Jim Henson studios and were very fragile. In fact, there was a person whose sole responsibility was to handle the birds and ensure they retained their perfect goosey shape. I was only able to touch them when the crew needed a stand-in for the extras portraying masseuses. Being a chick and all, I fit the description, and Amy the puppet handler took the other massage therapist stand-in position. I shed my shoes and stood on a platform stage gently pretending to rub down the feathered fabric. Very gently.

It was certainly an interesting experience.

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