Day Forty. EARL Door.

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick had Day Forty planned for me. He’s such a good planner. He needed someone to work the door at the EARL, and I needed something to do. But it’s kind of funny, because when I’ve volunteered in the past he has firmly turned me down. Something about working with your girlfriend…but he needed a door person on Day Forty, so I worked the door for the British Sea Power show.

Patrick has a very specific way of doing things, a routine for everything, and working the door was no exception. He set up a cup for the ticket stubs, one for the waxy backing trash from the wristbands, and put the change bag in a particular place. I rearranged somewhat to my liking, and protested when he took away my chair. He explained that I do not get to sit down until the crowd has slowed and he was no longer wristbanding people.

The show was relatively slow, with no big rush of people charging at me to get in. I stood erect with my clipboard, striking what I considered a pose of authority.

After we closed the door, he let me negotiate pricing with anyone who wanted to get into the show, where the headliner was well into their set. I managed to get $19 more from a couple of drunk people. Impressive, I was told. My authoritative pose apparently worked.

Patrick relieved me for awhile to get my shift meal and drink. I love a job that feeds and liquors you. Plus I got a little bit of money. I would totally do it again, especially if I had the opportunity to turn someone away. I had a lot of practice running advanced screenings for movies, and I can certainly hold my own. So if you ever see me at the back door of the EARL again, you’d better watch yourself.


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