Day Forty-Four. Los Angeles Tourists.

May 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Forty-Four, I did many new things in Los Angeles, so feel free to take your pick from the second day of our LA adventure.

We had plans to go see another baseball game, this one during the day. We left Shelley and Kenley’s apartment early enough to have plenty of time to get to the stadium and (gasp) we took the highway. It was quite clear at 11am. Apparently everyone was already at their destinations. We got to the stadium area about an hour and a half earlier than the game’s start time, so we decided to find some Mexican food to eat in the area near Dodger Stadium. Using the trusty maps app on my iPhone, I directed Shelley to a cute little Mexican restaurant/taco stand with decent Yelp reviews. It was situated in a mini south of the border cultural square with a sort of outdoor market selling overpriced touristy goods and a lot of Mexican wrestler masks. We entered the restaurant and stared at the menu above the counter.   I had no idea what the majority of the menu items were. They sounded familiar, but my white bread heritage and bland taste buds had never introduced me to the true Mexican cuisine (El Mexicano excepting). I had always ordered chimichangas, burritos, or tacos. So in the spirit of trying something new, I ordered a meal that seemed (from my wikipedia definition) not too spicy and not too strange (hello, beef tongue?). I can’t remember what the name of the dish was, only that it was the Number Four.

It was delicious.The taco beef filling was tender and the tortillas were thick home made yummy.

Shelley's was equally scrumptious

Patrick takes a bite

After we had eaten, we walked around the mini market area. It was an explosion of colors, fabrics, and people. We didn’t purchase anything, but my senses were pleased with the vibrant atmosphere.

Our bellies full and our senses awakened, we headed to the stadium to see the Braves lose (in dramatic extra-inning walk-off style) once again to the hometown Dodgers. Seeing a game at Dodger Stadium and watching the Braves lose was certainly not a new activity, but watching the athletes play in their throwback uniforms was pretty cool.

Love the knee breeches and the font!

Next we managed to find Shelley’s car relatively easily (we took note of its location to not repeat the blunder of the previous evening), and headed out of the stadium. Shelley took us on a cool drive down Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards where we could laugh at the tourists being scammed for pictures outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater by Darth Vader and friends.

We drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, marveling at the huge gated mansions. We made it back to the Young’s apartment and got ready for dinner at Alibi Room, a restaurant run by the owners of the Kogi Food Truck. We crowded around the bar and ate yummy sliders off their limited menu. I could feel my waistband expanding from all of the indulgences I had stuffed in my mouth on the trip so far. And I doubted it would stop until I got back to Atlanta.

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