Day Forty-Six. The Real Life Beaches of Los Angeles County.

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Forty-Six, Shelley and Kenley took us to some LA beaches for the first time. We started out at Paradise Cove, noted for its million dollar trailer park, in Malibu. En route I decided to count the Priuses (Priui?) that I saw. Guess how many….do you have a number? Add about a hundred, because between Culver City and Malibu I counted one hundred thirty eight. Seriously.

138 Prius and 1 Dolorean

Paradise Cove Beach

Unfortunately, the brunch location on Shelley’s itinerary had switched over to their lunch menu by the time we sat down. We eased the pain of missing breakfast with a couple of brunchy type adult beverages (Mojito for me) and snacked on some fried appetizers while digging our feet into the sand (the restaurant’s patio was literally on the beach).  Next, we headed South where we lounged on a restaurant deck that featured big cushions (this is where we sat) overlooking the sea via a glass railing. It all felt so swank, and the crowd was very Eurotrash. We sat our drinks on a tray in the middle of the double bed sized cushion and all kind of formed a square about the perimeter of our area. Being the lone pale English girl, I opted for the one spot on our cushion under the shade of an adjoining umbrella.  With a refreshing breeze coming in off the ocean. I probably could have taken a nap on the restaurant bed thing.

Alas, we had more places to go, so we headed further back down the coast to the Santa Monica Pier, yet another new locale. The amusement park running down the pier was crowded with tourists and visitors. It kind of reminded me of the Spring Break destinations along the Florida or South Carolina coast, but there were fewer drunk teenagers and more families. I guess you could say it had a sort of funfare atmosphere.

Forgetting about Patrick’s intense fear of heights, we decided to take a ride on the iconic ferris wheel that jutted out over the water and provided vast ocean views. It was a nice, relaxing journey in a circle (for everyone except Patrick, I guess).

We also went to wine bar and had sushi for dinner that night, but I had actually done both of those before, although maybe not at those particular restaurants. All in all, it was a very lovely cool beach day full of people watching, good company, and beautiful ocean views. Perfect for our last day in LA.


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