Day Forty-Seven. Body Scanned.

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day Forty-Seven was a big travel day. With the time change flying from California back to Georgia, there wasn’t a ton of extra time to pursue a brilliant new activity. Fortunately, LAX has body scanners in the security line and unlike leaving Atlanta, we were made to go through them. I didn’t feel violated or anything; the monitors on which some faceless TSA officer was checking us out was either in the box surrounding the scanner or in some room far away from the checkpoint. It was kind of strange standing with my legs shoulder-width apart and my arms clasped above my head for a few seconds. I felt like I was about to break into some jumping jacks. Or be frisked.

I’m curious to know what exactly they saw on my person, but I suppose it’s best not to know.


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