Day Fifty-One. Cardinal Rescue.

May 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Fifty-one, I was awoken by Murphy barking at some unknown commotion. This happens often enough so I sluggishly got out of bed to see what he was so riled up about. He was scratching at the back door, desperate to be let out. I started to open the door and realized what the commotion actually was. Two cardinals, a male and female, had flown into our screened porch and gotten stuck. This has happened before, but only ever a single little sparrow. So on Day Fifty-one, I helped two cardinals escape the evil clutches of my sitting area.

Typical, woman doing all the work..

At first I tried to open the door a little and push open the closed screen door with the extended handle of a broom. That didn’t work out, so I had to brave going into the 6 x 8 foot space and make sure the door opened, a little frightened of the pooping birds flying into the screens. I’ve seen The Birds, and I did not want to get my eyes pecked out. I managed to force the door wide open, but the little buggers only seemed to want to fly into the large screens at the far end of the porch. Stupid birds. So after taking some photographs of their nightmare, I decided to shower and come back afterward to see if I would have to physically usher them to safety.

I came back to the glass door and only saw the bright red male cardinal flitting around in agitation. Men. Clearly the more intelligent lady bird had the wits about her to fly through the open door. I contemplated rummaging through the back of my closet in search of a bicycle helmet (safety first), but figured that the bird would be too afraid of me to dive bomb my head. Plus I was equipped with a fierce broom.

Contemplating escape

I inched my way out the door to the house and propped open the outer screen door more sturdily. I didn’t want to get stuck in the enclosure with a fretful bird. I shimmied to the opposite wall of the open door and kind of waved the broom around to herd the dude toward freedom. I made sure there was enough ducking space in case I was attacked, and swished the handle of the sweeper around. After a couple of swoops, the dumb bird managed to find the door and fly away. Success!

Based on the amount of white droppings all over the floor of our porch, those birds certainly got the shit scared out of them (pardon my language). I’m just glad none of it landed on me.


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