Day Fifty-Four. Composting.

May 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Day Fifty-Four, I built a compost bin out of a 32 gallon lidded trash can. I wanted to create an area in the backyard for composting, but with the random critters that hop over or under our fence and a high-energy pup who could probably get into anything, I needed something that could be completely controlled. The bins on stands you can buy seemed out of my price range, so I did some internet searching for something I could build myself. Compost in a garbage bin. Perfect.

I purchased the plastic can, drill bit, and screen material for the project and added the supplies to the duct tape I had already. I drilled 2 1/2 inch holes through the bottom, sides, and lid of the bin and taped up screens to cover the holes from within. It was a bizarre looking creation. The red hue of the tape gave it a crazy futuristic dimension feel.

Now all I needed was material for the bin. I made a lidded plastic container into a compost material collector for us to put all of our organic waste in (instead of down the garbage disposal). Patrick dumped the grass clippings into the holed contraption and I added the banana peels, coffee grounds, and orange rinds that we had accrued. I’ve been adding to it each week and rolling the lidded cylinder around a bit every few days. It smells earthy, and looks a mess, but hopefully soon well have some awesome homemade soil.


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