Day Fifty-Two. Royal Matrimony.

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m not a big ceremony person. I remember my friend Frankie once mentioning how much he enjoyed them when we were talking about college graduation, but I just didn’t feel the same. Weddings are fun because you get to see your friends and family and have a damn good time. Even they can get to be a little tedious sometimes (sorry, people whose weddings I’ve attended; yours was the exception). But Day Fifty-Two was a huge world-wide event, so on I decided to join the masses and wake up way too early to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot.

I set my alarm for 430am and as I usually do when it goes off, pressed the snooze button for nearly an hour. By the time I had dragged myself to the couch and turned on the TV Kate was en route to her big day. The reporters described the anticipation about what her dress might look like as the camera zoomed into a small space between a wall and a bodyguard where she might be glimpsed. A flash of white and then a peeping tom view of a girl and her father riding to the ceremony, the girl waving elegantly…like a princess.

I watched a good chunk of the event as I sipped my appropriately timed Tetley’s tea. As I was admiring the smooth faces of the choirboys, I started to drift off, and awoke about an hour later in time for the balcony scene and kiss. Of all the kisses I’ve ever seen, it certainly was one of them.

So I missed most of the program and I only got to see the crazy hat contraptions in online reports later that day (I really enjoyed Eugenie’s deco contraption), but I still don’t think I was missing much. I just imagine my mom talking about watching Diana’s wedding and can’t see myself doing the same in twenty years. I don’t know them, and watching a fifty million dollar ceremony on televisions is kind of weird.


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