Day Fifty-Eight. Red Box.

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I subscribe to Netflix, both the 3 DVD at home mail delivery and the instant streaming via my computer or Wii. I love it. I’d like to say I am getting my money’s worth by the fast turnover of watching the discs at home and sometimes watching instant (like Louis CK comedy specials). However, on Day Fifty-Eight the two movies I had lying by the DVD player were Buried and 127 Hours, and I just didn’t feel like watching any claustrophobic television. So for my new activity, I rented a movie from Red Box. I rented Tron.

I had seen the person sized boxes around town, namely at the local Kroger, which usually has a pretty sizable line leading to the curb on any given evening, but especially on the weekends. I looked online to see if there was another one nearby and found out that, indeed, there was one at the CVS across the street from the busy grocery store. I could, in fact, reserve a title should I choose. I opted not to (way too planned), but did see that they had Tron in the box and decided to rent that Disney flick. (Full disclosure: I have never actually seen the original)

I drove the mile or so to the drugstore and hopped out, rented the movie, and was back home in five minutes. No wonder Blockbusters all across the nation are closing their doors. Not only was the process of renting a movie lacking lines and browsing in store, but I didn’t even have to wait for the disc to come in the mail. And I love Netflix, but with no mail on Sunday I have surely been left waiting until Monday for that next Gossip Girl (or insert better TV show/movie) disc to arrive.

So I arrived home, DVD in hand, and settled in to watch the flick. I actually didn’t end up finishing the film, deciding to go see an improv show with Dre halfway through. But still…I think I may just change my Netflix plan.


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