Day Sixty-Two. Yard Power Tool.

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick really wanted me to help him with yard work on Day Sixty-Two. I volunteered to mow the lawn, but he had other ideas for me involving power tools. For the first time, I used an edger.

It took a few attempts and scrutinizing the directions along the side of the tool before I managed to get it started. It was pretty powerful. My hands were madly vibrating against the plastic coating and the grass and weeds I trimmed flew back against my legs. I had flashing visions of severing my foot from my leg by a wayward twig. So halfway through I went inside to give my hand muscles a rest and change into some pants to protect my easily bruised shins.

I came back out and worked along the fence a little more…until the plastic twine that rotates around the machine got cut off. Patrick knew how to change it, but we didn’t want to touch the hot metal until it had properly cooled down. So I ended my edger experience for the day in the thought that I would revisit the activity later.

I haven’t yet.


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