Seventy-One. Folly Beach Sunrise.

June 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Day Seventy-One was our last morning on Folly Beach. Determined to actually see a beach sunrise, I set my alarm for 545am and managed to shimmy out of bed to a quiet house and make my way down to the ocean. I brought along a cup of tea and my iPod. While I waited the twenty minutes for the ball of light to rise above the horizon I skimmed through the artists on my little music player to find something appropriate for the beginning of the day. I got to Jeff Buckley and figured Grace would be a suitable album to emphasize the beauty of a sunrise.

Unfortunately, the actual event was quite anticlimactic. I waited for twenty minutes, freezing in the cool morning air as the sky became more and more red. Finally the sun spread its rays through the clouds. Moments later, it was completely visible. The people walking their dog on the beach headed back from whence they came and I took a few pictures and returned to my warm bed for some extra shut-eye. It was pretty, but even Jeff Buckley couldn’t make it some emotionally cathartic moment. Perhaps my expectations had been to high.

Red Sky

Almost up

There you are. Halleluja.


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§ 3 Responses to Seventy-One. Folly Beach Sunrise.

  • Stuart says:


    My name is Stuart and I’m a musician in Charleston, SC. I came across your sunrise photos on google – they’re beautiful! Would you mind if one of my bands used one of your photos for a poster or maybe an album cover? We’d be sure to give you credit. Thanks!


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