Seventy-Six. Four Squared.

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day Seventy-Six found me joining the online location sharing website Four Square. I had been reticent to join one of these sites (partly because of the ability of people to see when you aren’t at home and then burgle your house), but I logged in and did it anyway since it was late in the day and easy to accomplish.

I joined 4square (as the cool kids should call it) during our post-softball game libations at the U-Joint in Oakhurst. I checked into the restaurant, the neighborhood, and the bar across the street. After three check-ins I was over my limit, but I had racked up like thirty points for…well, I don’t know what they are for, but I do like points.

On the way home I checked into various places along the way, including what I think was someone’s home. Who adds your home address to a location-sharing service?? I guess it would be alright if you didn’t post your address, but still…

I don’t have any friends on Four Square yet (independent, I like to think), and am not yet the mayor of anything (I’m getting close at work, even if the only tip is from the “mayor” and says, “Stay away from Laura. She smells funny.” Thanks, Scott). But I did use it to get half off an appetizer at SoBa, so maybe the site is good for something.


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