Seventy-Seven. El Mexicano Revisited.

June 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

For years, the dilapidated El Mexicano on Moreland Ave. was my go-to place for cheap Mexican food. Then last year Patrick and I just happened to have the local news on TV (this never happens) while Adam Murphy’s Restaurant Report Card segment was airing. And guess which restaurant was being featured for their deplorable health score? Yup, the tasty Mexican restaurant that we loved so much. I was flabbergasted. And kind of grossed out. I mean, it’s not like I expected their health score to be 100 and I hadn’t really attempted to look for it posted when I ate there, but they got a 47. That’s an F-! Nearly a year later, craving a chimichanga, I suggested we revisit our old haunt. So on Day Seventy-Seven, I ate at a restaurant that I knew had a previously terrible (failing!) health inspection score.

We arrived to a nearly empty seating area, which was not unusual as I’ve never seen more than three or four tables occupied. I planned to sneakily snap a picture of the posted health score when the coast was clear and managed a quick pic of the B score without anyone noticing or throwing us out. I don’t know why I was so nervous about it. I guess I felt like I was doing some sort of undercover work.

We ordered our food, and everything was pretty much as it had been the year before. The framed black velvet paintings hadn’t disappeared, and Univision was still blasting through the small TVs hanging around the room. The food wasn’t as tasty as we remembered, but it was certainly still inexpensive. Patrick says that he wouldn’t go back. However, if I had some mad craving, I would probably return.


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