Eighty. French Braids.

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have only ever had my hair french braided, never performed the task on someone else’s mane. So on Day Eighty I enlisted my friend Jenny to donate her ginger locks to my inexperienced hands and I french braided her hair.

I had attempted the feat before, usually on myself, but quickly gave up once my arms became tired of trying to twist pieces of hair together behind my head at awkward angles. My mom has always been the one to pleat my hair. However, when I was five, my mom went into work before fixing my hair for school. The task was left to my dad who, although a very handy man, could not get through my thick tangles to form a nice braid. I’m pretty sure my bratty five year old self whined and ended up going to school with a rat’s nest pulled back on my crown.

I started with the three small pieces of hair from the front of Jenny’s head, and crossed the left strand over the middle one. I added hair to the right side and repeated the process. I followed the time tested recipe for french braids all the way down to the end of her ginger locks. It actually didn’t look that bad, especially for doing it sans brush.

So while I don’t plan on changing careers to be a french-braider extraordinaire anytime soon, I may have mastered a new skill. Perfect since I don’t have enough hair anymore to practice on myself!


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