Eighty-Three. Super Geeky Baseball Nerd Fest.

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day Eighty-Three was Memorial Day. Patrick and I again had tickets to the Braves game, sitting in the blistering sun down the third-base line. So as a new activity, we completely dorked out and not only kept box score, but also listened to the entire game on the radio through our iPods.

It may have seemed antisocial, but it was more as though we were in our own little club, listening to Don Sutton and Jim Powell detail the plays going on right in front of our noses. We traded knowing smiles at Jim’s jokes while the people around us merely watched. We were fully immersed, like the grandmas you see with their 1990’s era radio earphones, but infinitely more nerdy by keeping box score. I even found my used baseball bingo card from the day before and played along.

Unfortunately the Braves didn’t win (my record is currently 2-5), but we had a pretty good time broiling in the hot sun with our beer, box score, and Braves radio broadcast.


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