Eighty-Five. Laura Scott: Treasure Hunter.

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

On the eighty-fifth day of my twenty-ninth year, I found treasure. Well, it was really only a little piece of paper with the names of those who had previously found this “treasure.” So really, the proper term for the hunt is to geocache. It was pretty amazing.

I had read a blog post about this geocaching phenomenon a few weeks before Day Eighty-Five, and was thoroughly intrigued. Basically, people hide these boxes or containers all over the world and the hunters use GPS to find the treasure. I did a little internet research and found that there were a couple of hidden gems stored around Grant Park, not too far from my house. So after work I leashed up the Murph and decided we could go on a little walk/treasure hunt.

The first one was supposedly very easy. And it was easy to find the general location. The problem was finding the miniscule capsule which held the log. I searched all around the fountain where it was hidden, even possibly desecrating the stone work by trying to pry out pieces of rock seemingly wedged in the cracks. I knew the thing was small, but where could it be? I decided to move on to another hidden gem in the park and maybe come back once I had gotten my feet wet on the whole treasure hunting thing.

Unfortunately, the next one was even more difficult, with no hints. My phone appeared to be leading me up a hill of decomposing Christmas trees from last year’s dump. Murphy, of course was pulling me in the other direction towards a large Golden Retriever. I didn’t want to give up, but this was frustrating.

I went back to the original location and decided to see the fountain with fresh eyes. I mean, kids could do this. I was a supposed intelligent individual (or was I?). I shuffled around the area a couple times before I sat on the ground between the fountain and the bench. Could it really be tucked somewhere up under the leg of the fountain?? The rusty, spiderweb covered, probably brown recluse housing fountain? I took my pen and kind of jiggled it around under one of the three legs, and a little ring popped out. That must be something. I pulled it out and found a giant pill sized magenta colored capsule. I unscrewed the pieces and there was the log, as promised.

I was elated, excited, relieved, and filled with a huge surge of accomplishment. Murphy was tired, worn out, and panting. It was time to go home. But on the way, I downloaded the full iPhone version of the application. I will definitely be trying this again!


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