Eighty-Seven. Popeye’s.

June 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Andre likes Popeye’s. Lurves it. But I have never tasted the wares of this fine chicken establishment. Eating there had been on my list of things to try this year from the beginning, but Day Eighty-Seven was the first time I managed to make it happen.

Dre was impressed with the cleanliness level of our local Popeye’s. Apparently you can slide across the floor in sneakers when you walk into a Church’s Chicken. We went to the counter, and I asked Andre what I should order. He orders the three-piece Real Meals combo and suggested I choose the same but with only two pieces. I was pretty hungry, but not being a fried chicken aficionado I went with Andre’s suggestion. The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted white or dark meat. “White,” I answered, and then, “Wait. What pieces come with that?” If it were two breasts, that would be a lot of food. I kind of wanted a leg. Dre told me it was a breast and a wing, but that I could also mix it up. The clerk asked me what pieces in particular I wanted, and I was able to order a breast and a leg. Mild. Definitely not hot. Such service!

We headed to a table to wait for our order. I went all out and chose a Strawberry Fanta as my drink. I’d never tried the sweet carbonated beverage before. It was very sugary. I don’t think I finished it, but it washed down the chicken nicely.

Our baskets came out and I started to get nervous. I’ve known Dre for a number of years, but I’m kind of weird about eating food off the bone. Chicken, ribs, wings, it doesn’t matter. So I gingerly picked up my chicken leg and took a bite. And it was hot, burning my mouth hot. That chicken was freshly fried. Dre suggested I try the fries while the meat cooled.

And the fries were pretty tasty. And when the chicken cooled enough to eat, it was scrumptious too. And the biscuit…I think that was my favorite. The meal ended up upsetting my stomach, so I doubt I will go back anytime soon, but I can see why Andre is such a fan.


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