Eighty-Eight. Happy Birthday, Kingston!

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Eighty-Eight, I met my friend Liz’s little boy, Kingston, for the first time. On his third birthday. I had certainly seen pictures of the tot through Liz’s Flickr and Facebook accounts, but since I only get to see Liz about once every couple months (maybe even less now that she lives in the ‘burbs), and in the evenings, Kingston is usually snugly tucked away for the night.

Happy Family

I made the trek up I-75 and arrived to the party in full swing. I saw many adult friends and chatted to them while we waited for the big cake and presents moment. One of the highlights was the homemade ice cream Liz and Pili had mixed up the night before. Strawberry Banana Scrumptious. Then we all headed over to the living room where Kingston sat in his perfectly proportioned Grandpa-style kid recliner. Liz and Jeremiah were exceptionally efficient in the task of gift opening. Liz would choose a present, Kingston would unwrap it, everyone would ooh and ahh and then Jeremiah would really open it and make it play-time ready. I was impressed.

Opening the Presents

I had fun. I don’t get to hang around children too often, so a kid’s birthday party is a great amount of awesome adult time with see how cute everyone’s babies are time too. And Kingston’s cute. Hopefully I’ll be able to see more of him (and Liz) before he turns six in three years!

Cake Face


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