Ninety. Sew What?

June 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I received a sewing machine for Christmas well over a year ago, but had yet to use it. I attempted to set it up at one point in the last year, but without looking at the directions or how-to DVD, I failed miserably and ended up with a big mess of thread spun around the needle. So on Day Eighty-Nine, I decided to revisit the machine and attempt to sew something.

I popped in the DVD at sat down behind the sewing machine. I managed to load the bobbin and get everything working after a few rewinds and pauses of the video. It was, in fact, as easy a it was supposed to be. Apparently I had just been a bit too spontaneous before.

I decided to make a little fabric case for my point and shoot digital camera. It so often hangs out loose in my cluttered purse, open to any dust, debris, or random item floating around in the depth of a big bag. In my excitement to begin, I used no pattern, but rather cut fabric around the camera and started to run the seams through the machine. Doh. I was on the zigzag stitch, whose symbol I didn’t recognize on the stitch selection knob (hint: it’s not a zigzag). But I thought it looked OK, so I continued to use it for hemming and decorative purposes.

Unfortunately, once I had added my hems and zigzag decorations, the little sewn purse was way too small for my camera. Determined to find a use for it, and not wanting to begin again, I scoured the house for something to put in side.

Turns out, it worked great as an iPod holder. So on Day Eighty-Nine I didn’t actually make a digital camera case; I made a purse for my mp3 player.


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