Ninety-Two. Murph gets shorn.

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Murphy was hot. He needed a haircut, so I figured I would buy an inexpensive pet grooming kit and buzz him myself. Yeah, well, inexpensive and pet grooming do not go together. Even if the manager at Petco offered to take 25% off the $80 price tag of the “awesome” pet clippers. So on Day Ninety-One I bought a pair of human hair clippers and trimmed the pup.


Last year mid summer I decided that Murphy was too hot and needed a haircut so I took to him with a blunt pair of shears. It was horribly uneven and for days I would cut off stray pieces of long hair as he sat in my lap. Then last winter I went to trim his beard and he turned his head at the precise moment I closed the handles of the cutters to leave him looking like the Joker from the right side. So at-home grooming by Laura could be a kind of toss up for Murphy’s vanity. Fortunately he is very down-to-earth regarding his appearance.

I enlisted Patrick as a “dog handler” which basically meant that his job was to prevent the pooch from leaping off the table. And Murphy did well as I sheared the back half of his body. He sat still, was calm, and never tried to leap away. However, when it came time to trim the growing mats on the back of his neck and anywhere around his head, he squirmed. I had visions of “Joker Dog” flashing through my mind.


In the end, he doesn’t look as good as he would if groomed, but also not nearly as bad as my past shearing results. And I’m sure he feels a lot better.


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