Ninety-Four. Raaawwwrr.

June 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day Ninety-Three I stopped by Arden’s Garden to pick up a couple of gallons of their two day juice fast. I had planned on starting the cleanse on Day Ninety-Four, but the nice hippie behind the counter suggested I eat “raw” the days before and after the fast. So instead of drinking only a gallon of juice as something new, I tried the raw diet in preparation, eating only uncooked food

I packed an array of raw food to take to work with me. Spinach salad (dressing was allowed), fruit salad, carrots, a banana, and raw almonds rounded out my packed snacks. And I was doing very well until about five hours into my shift when I developed a monstrous headache. I wondered if it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything cooked, or just a random coincidence. I started to think more of the former once I had eaten all of my snacks and started craving every food that popped into my mind. I finished the El Mexicano post and wanted a cimichanga. I got into a discussion about burgers joints in the area and fantasized about what I would add to my own patty next time I went to Farm Burger. I thought about Morelli’s ice cream and mentally scoured the refrigerator for something that would break my raw diet as soon as I got home. If this is what eating raw is like, what would tomorrow bring?

I made it through the day with only one cheat (I didn’t know that hummus was cooked until I had consumed half the container and checked online). I went to bed early (and hungry), and I seriously pitied those who would have to work with me the next day if the hunger headache continued. I am not a happy camper when starved.

But on a positive note, I had a bunch of fruit and veggie waste for the compost!


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