Ninety-Five. Juice, and that’s it (part one).

June 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Day Ninety-Five began my two day juice cleanse. After the extreme hunger and headache the day before, I wasn’t really looking forward to drinking a gallon of the orange-lemon-grapefruit mix from Arden’s Garden. But for the sake of trying something new (and flushing out toxins) I dutifully consumed the citrus juice.

I was working early that morning, and didn’t feel like carting a gallon jug with me into the building. So instead, I filled three water bottles with enough juice to last me my shift. Because clearly carrying three large water bottles filled with what looks like watered down OJ is much better than hauling in a gallon container of the same liquid. I drank one bottle on the way to work and refilled the cup with water. The fast said that I could drink as much reverse osmosis water as I wanted, but not knowing what reverse osmosissing entailed, I just opted for the spring h2o at the office.

I kept a little journal of how I was feeling throughout the day, and I think that can best describe the experience.

730    One bottle down. This isn’t so bad.

900    So hungry, and someone’s Chick Fil A breakfast sitting in the break room does little to alleviate the ache in my belly.

1000  Still hungry. I think this juice is eating away at my teeth. A strange combination of citrus and natural sugars. Maybe I should drink more water.

1015   I can’t stop thinking about Farm Burger. Again. I am going to get roasted garlic and gouda and bacon and tomato and paprika mayo and…you get the idea.

1130  I’m starving. Maybe today’s new activity can be to break a juice fast. My stomach is rumbling louder than the show host. And that’s saying a lot.

100   Only two more hours left until I can head home and nap. No headache, just an insatiable hunger. Insatiable because I can’t eat anything.

400  Home. Naptime.

700  Awake. I feel fine, not hungry. Still have a little bit of juice left.

900  Back to bed. Feeling good actually. Not hungry, and only a little tired.

And then I went to sleep, only to repeat the process the following day. Stay tuned…


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