Ninety-Six. Juice, Part Two.

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I woke up bright and early on Day Ninety-Six, even before my alarm was set to go off at 530. That never happens. I repeated the process of preparing water bottles filled with the remaining gallon of the juice cleanse I began in Day Ninety-Five and headed to work for my second day of eating nothing.

The fast proved much easier on day two. My hunger had mostly subsided and I found myself drinking all of the juice much more quickly. I had more energy as well. I even considered going back to Arden’s Garden for a third gallon to keep up the cleanse. I didn’t follow through with that idea.

I finished the juice allocation by the middle of the afternoon and continued with several bottles of water until my hunger returned. I couldn’t wait until the following day to actually consume solid food again, so as a treat I planned to meet Patrick for a dinner of sushi. It was raw, right? I know sushi doesn’t actually fall into the typical raw food eating category, but it was better than going all out and grabbing the burger I had been craving for the past 72 hours. I didn’t eat much at dinner before I felt full, and my energy levels were still pretty high, so maybe it wasn’t exactly cheating. I mean, I did finish all the juice beforehand.

I never achieved that high energy refreshed, cleansed feeling I had read about during a fast. My clothes didn’t feel looser, and my skin wasn’t glowing like the propaganda proclaimed. However, I can see the appeal of wanting to detox in general, though for me the memories of junk food and meat cravings might prevent me from attempting another round of fasting for awhile.


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