Ninety-Eight. Summer Dog.

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day Ninety-Eight, Patrick and I attended a Braves game. Earlier in the season (when I had my face airbrushed actually) I saw someone eating a hot dog that looked pretty tasty. It had diced tomatoes and a thousand island type dressing covering the all beef meat on a bun. Since I had already had latex paint sprayed all over my face, and eaten dinner, I filed the image of the Summer Dog away as something new to try, later in the season. And that later came up on Day Ninety-Eight.

Patrick and I wandered up to the hot dog stand in the courtyard area of the Ted. Patrick ordered a Georgia Dog with vidalia onions and coleslaw. I got the Summer Dog. The monstrosity that came out was absolutely covered in some strange liquid that looked like thousand island dressing or even McDonald’s secret Big Mac sauce. I didn’t know which I would have preferred. It was actually a kind of combination of the two, with some spiciness that my sensitive palate didn’t care for. The sauce was overflowing off of the bun. I ate the meal, the entire thing, but like the Big Mac earlier this year, I don’t think I will revisit the Summer Dog anytime soon.


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