One Hundred. Coconut Water.

July 2, 2011 § 4 Comments

Well this is embarrassing. At the time I thought Day One Hundred was actually Day Ninety-Nine. So on Day One-Oh-One I chose an activity to commemorate lasting so long with the blog, thinking it was the centennial activity. Only days later did I realize that I apparently can’t count. So on Day Ninety-Nine One Hundred, I tried coconut water.

I had first heard about the beverage while researching the raw food diet and what particular foods I would be able to consume (and more importantly, what I couldn’t). Coconut water is indeed “raw.”

At least it says "100" on the label...kind of.

I picked up a cardboard bottle of the drink on my way home from work and peeled back the foil covering the little hole in the top. The package told me drinking it was like sticking a straw in a coconut, but I didn’t have a straw. I felt like it should have come with a straw, reminiscent of the old Hi-C juice boxes from childhood. But it was pretty drinkable without the aid of a plastic tube. It didn’t really taste like coconut, more like tropical flavored water. It was pretty tasty, and I wished I had saved some of the juice when I hacked open a coconut on Day Sixty-Eight. It’s funny, though, because I always thought the liquid inside of the fruit was called milk. Shows what I know.


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§ 4 Responses to One Hundred. Coconut Water.

  • Hi.This post tickled me. I had coconut water (straight from a coconut) for the first time in a long time on Sunday. There are variations on the drink. Coconut water, plain.Coconut water with jelly (from the coconut) in it. Coconut water with little coconut bits in it. Coconut water, sugared up. Coconut water with sweet milk. Annnd *drum rolls* SKY JUICE! A Bahamian favourite, it’s gin and coconut water. MMM! Try jazzing it up next time you try it! 🙂

  • […] didn’t realize that I was on Day One Hundred One-Oh-One until about 7pm. I was about to head home from work when I checked my list and decided I […]

  • […] Honestly, after the first month or so, doing something new everyday became just another part of my day. Sure I woke up each morning with the thought of a new experience in the forefront of my mind, and often went to bed each night planning the following day’s activity. Some days were much more difficult than others. If I am incredibly busy or going through a period of apathy or laziness, I often struggle to find an exciting new activity. Thus I may have accomplished something lame (changing my windshield washer fluid), circumstantial (massage a muppet), or resort to eating something new (like Coconut water). […]

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