One Hundred One. A Hundred Push-ups.

July 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I didn’t realize that I was on Day One Hundred One-Oh-One until about 7pm. I was about to head home from work when I checked my list and decided I should do something to mark the hundredth hundredth and first new activity of my twenty-ninth year. But I only had five hours. Oops.

I scoured my brain for an activity pertaining to the number for several minutes, that wasn’t as lame as trying coconut water. I came up with push-ups. A relatively simple task which could also be difficult. For Day One Hundred (and one) I did One Hundred push-ups.

What form!

The first ten went pretty smoothly. I figured I should get a few under my belt before I headed home. I got to thirty, but my coworker Lateef says that the second ten were not the genuine article. I didn’t lower my body enough for it to be considered a “real” push-up. I retorted that any movement was a real one to me. He suggested I switch to girly mode and I managed to pull off doing another ten with my knees on the floor. My arms and shoulders ached and I wondered if I would even be able to do seventy more, even in the supposedly easier style.

The drive back to the house was a bit stressful. Each time I went to turn the steering wheel muscle ache coursed through my shoulders and upper back. Even my stomach was sore. Once again I wondered how I was going to pull off the remaining push-ups.

But I did it. In groups of ten I raised and lowered my body to the ground. I spread out the exercise over the next few hours, and it wasn’t too bad. The glass or two of wine I consumed in the midst of it all certainly helped. On push-up numbers 91-100 I reverted back to manly style. Toes on the ground, nose to the ground, and back up. I had to break those into groups of five, and almost collapsed face first on the carpet at the finish.

I was sore for the next few days. I attempted another push-up the morning after my great 101st feat, but could barely hold the plank position before I collapsed onto my face. Patrick thought that was pretty funny. But I didn’t share his laughter; I didn’t want to have the day’s activity to be breaking my nose attempting a push-up.


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