One Hundred Ten. Wine Aeration.

July 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

My dad received a bottle top wine aerator for Father’s Day, so on Day One Ten we tested it out. Mom and I shuffled through the bottles of red in their wine fridge (a Christmas gift from yours truly) for something that would be significantly enhanced through the aeration process. We settled on a Mirassou Merlot.

I did the pouring, one pour per glass, without the aerator in the first and with the device secured in the bottle neck in the second. I brought the cups first to my dad and then to my mom, asking them which tasted better and if there was even a difference. My dad sipped first and by the look on his face between swallows, there was at least one glass that did not meet his favor. As he described it, the wine was indeed greatly improved from aeration, but it was still a crappy wine. We all thoroughly agreed. Sorry Mirassou.

So an unplanned round two had us opening a second bottle of red wine, leaving the first as a cooking liquid. I repeated the blind taste test and we all agreed that the aerator improved the flavor, making the wine smoother. And it’s pocket sized, fitting right into the bottle opening, so you don’t have to be all fancy with your decanting. As a semi-frequent red wine drinker, I think I may splurge on the doodad myself.


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