One Hundred Eleven. Smoked Salmon.

July 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day One Hundred Eleven was my dad’s birthday, and we planned to celebrate by going on a nearby hike up Crowder’s Mountain near the South Carolina border. However, after walking the trail for a little bit with the thick late June heat and humidity  bearing down on us, we decided to cancel those plans and instead I would cook on my dad’s new Traeger smoker grill. Although I had tried some delicious meats cooked on the fancy wood chip eating machine, I had never prepared something myself. So with Dad’s help I cooked a lovely plank of salmon.

We filled the pellet compartment with maple wood flavor chips that looked like hamster food and let the grill warm up to about 150 degrees. The smoke started pouring out of the machine’s little chimney and Dad informed me that the salmon was ready to add.

We layered lemons and a brush of teryaki over the piece of fish. Then the fillet was put on a plank of water soaked cedar and placed on the grill. My mouth watered thinking about what the meat would become.

Twenty minutes later I checked the salmon and decided that it was done. I brought it inside where my mom brushed the meat with aome fresh dill butter, made with herbs from her garden. Cooking was a real family affair.

The salmon was perfectly cooked (although my mom would have preferred it a bit more done) and radiated that smoky clean flavor that the Traeger produces. I had tasted pork and ribs cooked on the grill before, but this was my first time eating fish. And it was delicious. Good job Dad and Traeger.


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