A Frosty Orange Classic (126th new thing).

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

For some reason, my little brother loves the Varsity. The times I’ve eaten at the iconic dinner include school trips and quick hunger fixes when I lived at the Georgia State dorms across the street. But for him, it’s a weird symbol of Atlanta and his childhood. Because my parents moved him to Charlotte NC before his first day of high school, he really knows nothing about living in Atlanta. I guess having lived pretty much downtown for the last ten years has made me more immune to the touristy venues my brother feels drawn to. Snobby much?

But what he loves most about the Varsity is the frosted orange frozen beverage. Never having tried the drink myself, I agreed to go along with him and his girlfriend Rebecca for dinner on their second evening in town.

We waited at the counter until a cashier hollered, “What’d ya have? What’d ya have?” I chose a hot dog, onion rings, and a small frosted orange delight. Rebecca got her food and a medium orange, Brad a large. We grabbed some Varsity hats to don for pictures.

Once we were settled, I stuck my straw into the strange swirl of pale orange and tasted the famous frozen drink. It tasted like the push-ups from my elementary school afternoon ice cream days. Orangey, but strangely creamy as well. Brad mentioned a creamsicle, and that was also a bang-on description. A liquid creamsicle.

I was only able to finish half of my small dessert beverage, but Brad was more than happy to take the rest. I could also see why Brad liked the place so much. It had a definite wave of nostalgia and childhood running through it.


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