The family that drinks together (127th new activity).

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

My brother turned 22 on the first of July. Because he lives in Charlotte (and I in Atlanta), we never really celebrated his momentous 21st birthday together. So in honor of us getting to spend a few days together during his visit on Day One Twenty-Seven I managed to find a new activity for both of: doing shots together.

I asked Brad what shot he would like, but he didn’t have enough bar life experience to choose anything except for a Jager Bomb. I didn’t fancy any red bull that late in the evening (post softball win, pre-sleep), so I suggested an Irish Car Bomb. He had never tried one and surprisingly agreed.

Both Brad and Rebecca seemed a bit uncertain once the half pint of Guinness and shot glass filled with Bailey’s and Jameson arrived. They asked how this was going to go and cringed when told that if they didn’t drink the concoction fast enough, the mixture would curdle. What a nasty word, that curdle.

We posed with the Bailey’s and Jameson filled shot glass and half pint of Guinness. Trepidation was etched across the young ones’ faces. We counted down together and dropped the milky liquid into the dark chocolate slush of Guinness. And drank.

Of course, I had done the car bomb before, so I knew what to expect. Drink fast before the dreaded curdle. Surprisingly, both Brad and Rebecca sucked down the juice just as quickly. They seemed to find the concoction tasty as far as I could tell; the response was, “Yeah, that was good” (in a slightly apathetic sounded early-twenties voice). We’ll see if he ever asks for another.



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