Resentin at Empire State South (133rd new thing).

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because Patrick is so connected and generally awesome and hooked up chef Hugh Acheson with Archers of Loaf tickets at the EARL, he received a gift card to the chef’s Atlanta restaurant Empire State South. So on Day Thirty-Three Patrick took me out on a date night to the restaurant, where we had never before dined.


"In Jars": The Cheese and Bacon Marmalade was our favorite

We started off with some fancy cocktails. I had the Dolores, and not since the Soundtable have I had such a lovely liquor drink. The food was also delicious, from the various “In Jars” dips (pork rillette, trout mousse, pickles, pimento cheese & bacon marmalade, boiled peanut hummus) to the heirloom tomato salad and the pork belly.

A new way to drink espresso

Can you smell the fumes from the picture?

At the end of the meal we checked out the dessert menu and a small framed text at the bottom caught my eye. Resentin. An espresso coupled with a small pour of a white grappa. I had never tried this Frulian delight, so my choice was decided. I sipped the small strong coffee and followed the directions and poured the strong grappa into my cup. It smelled like nail polish remover and tasted like it smelled. The drink reminded me of this nasty liquor Patrick had us try in San Francisco called Fernet Branca. It tasted like Jagermeister without any sweetness. Dry licorice-flavored gross. It nearly made me vomit, and the resentin had a not disimilar effect. But I finished my swirl and managed to keep my scrumptious meal in my belly. I tried to suppress any small hiccups or belches after the meal in fear that the flavor might return to my throat. I wondered if I licked paint if the color would peel away. But I didn’t try or anything. I’ll file it under a new activity I’m glad I tried but may not repeat.


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