Ten Years (134th new thing).

August 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day One Hundred Thirty-Four I received a plaque for working ten years at Gem Shopping Network. I’m not entirely sure it was deserved considering I left a few times to study abroad, work a job in the PR industry (while still occasionally filling in), and to go to Grad school in Newcastle. For consistency, I’ve probably worked seven or eight consecutive years. Still. The fact remains that my first day at the TV network was in September ’01, and I am currently working there full time.

The fact that I started working near enough the same job as I do now when I was a sophomore in college is hard on me at times. Shouldn’t I be advancing, moving upwards, making more money? And then I think about the side things I have accomplished. Like an MFA, although that hasn’t actually garnered me any additional wages, just a student loan debt whose monthly payments will gradually increase until I have paid it off at the tender age of forty-four. I’ve spent a couple years in England, traveled through Europe alone, worked in the promotions/publicity industry of movies, and generally had a pleasant time of it all.

So ten years is a certainly an achievement with a single company, especially at 29 years of age. But the real achievement is the living I did away from work, including this blog. That is what I am really proud of.


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