Becoming a real adult (135th new thing).

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Part of becoming a “real adult” is to have a full-time, possibly salaried job, maybe a house and mortgage, and more importantly healthcare. I’ve had the first pretty much since I graduated college, have not enough money for the second, and the third I struck off the list on Day One Hundred Thirty-Five.

To be fair, I did at one point have health insurance all by myself (as in not covered by my parents), but it was actually included in the salaried job. I naively thought that was the rule, as opposed to the exception. And Gem Shopping has health insurance options, but they were so incredibly expensive compared to what coverage I would ever actually use that I opted out. Until now.

On the day I received a lovely plaque marking ten years with the shopping network, we also found out some cost details of our new health insurance policy, and they were extremely affordable. So affordable in fact that on Day One Three Five I opted in, and am now proud to say insured, for the first time in awhile.

Hooray for adulthood.


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